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Hartsdale dentures

Where can I find dentures in Hartsdale?

Did you know that more than 35 million people in the US are missing their teeth? If you’re among the population of patients who are without teeth, you may want to consider consulting with the skilled, experienced dentists of Guerrino Dentistry, about Hartsdale dentures. Guerrino Dentistry,highly recommended by many of our patients, offers complete and partial dentures, and have a thorough understanding of how to guide your at-home adjustment to your new restorations. You can rest assured that your smile is in the best of hands when being treated by the expert staff at Guerrino Dentistry.

Hartsdale dentures

Hartsdale dentures

Partial upper or lower Hartsdale dentures may be deemed appropriate for you when multiple teeth in an archway are missing, but some strong, stable teeth remain and can support the partial denture. Typically, a partial denture is anchored in place through the use of clasps on the surrounding teeth to achieve higher retention and stability. For other patients, complete Hartsdale dentures become necessary in when none of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw can be preserved. This type of denture rests against the gums and underlying bone and uses your own saliva to provide suction, keeping the denture in place. In some cases, a patient’s individualized treatment plan may require the insertion of dental implants to provide additional comfort and stability for your partial denture.

It is common to experience a brief period of adjustment in getting used to your new Hartsdale dentures. However, most patients find that in short time, eating, and speaking become easier and more natural. At Guerrino Dentistry, we make ourselves readily available to answer any and all questions you have about your dentures once they’ve been fitted; you can rest assured that our caring, professional staff will be available to assist you in any way possible.

At Guerrino Dentistry, conveniently located in the heart of Hartsdale on Central Park Avenue, from the moment you enter our facility, we will make every effort to provide you with the attention and high-quality care you deserve. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

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