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Hartsdale teeth whitening

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Where can i find teeth whitening in Hartsdale?

Did you know that frequent consumption of some of our favorite beverages and foods can cause teeth stains? Coffee, tea, sodas, red wine, and even highly pigmented foods such as blueberries and cherries, can cause unflattering discoloration of your smile. However, the latest dental trends have shown that a large population of US residents is undergoing cosmetic teeth whitening enhancement to remove those stains and restore the beautifully white appearance of their teeth. Guerrino Dentistry of Hartsdale, New York is making this popular trend readily accessible by offering two exceptional whitening services.

Hartsdale teeth whitening

Our first treatment plan is used for patients who wish to see immediately dazzling results. Our professionally-administered in-office Hartsdale teeth whitening procedure is performed in just one short 60-minute session, which is why we always encourage patients to take advantage of the system. After your one-hour appointment with Guerrino Dentistry, you will notice your smile looking several shades brighter than when you first came in for care!

Our second Hartsdale teeth whitening treatment plan, a take-home whitening kit, is designed to accommodate patients who would like to whiten their teeth on their own schedule, at home. Our home kit system is highly recommended over the many potentially damaging over-the-counter products available at your grocery or pharmacy. Our prescription-strength tooth whitening gel and the custom-made whitening trays we provide produce significantly better results with no irritation to gums or damage to tooth enamel. Our take-home teeth whitening kit delivers the same great results as the in-office treatment, albeit more gradually, over the course of several days.

Ready to take on the day with a bright new smile? Head on over to Guerrino Dentistry and ask about our Hartsdale teeth whitening options! With our state-of-the-art cosmetic care, you can feel confident in all your personal and professional interactions. Schedule your consultation or appointment for treatment today.

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