Hartsdale Invisalign Dentist

Hartsdale Invisalign Dentist

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Invisalign Dentist in Hartsdale

Misaligned or overcrowded teeth, gaps between teeth, an overbite or underbite are some dental conditions that can cause a child, teen or adult to not only feel self-conscious about his or her overall appearance, but can be an overreaching problem for dental and jaw health. A person may experience mild to severe discomfort because of the misalignments or shifting of teeth and jaw structure. The misalignment of teeth may also prevent effective flossing, which in turn can cause patients to be more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, Guerrino Dentistry has a highly skilled Hartsdale Invisalign dentist here to help.

Hartsdale Invisalign Dentist

Traditional metal braces were once the only option for patients seeking orthodontic treatments. But now, many and perhaps most patients can be effectively treated with Invisalign. Of course, there are some cases of particularly serious teeth misalignment where metal braces may be the best option for a patient to achieve optimal results. Our caring Hartsdale Invisalign dentist can best assess those cases.

Invisalign is a custom treatment involving serial sets of clear, plastic aligners that provide a very aesthetic and effective option to metal braces. These virtually invisible dental devices are fabricated by our Hartsdale Invisalign dentist using state of the art 3D computer technology. These precision engineered, custom aligners are usually worn for approximately two weeks before the next set – the next step – in properly positioning your teeth. The aligners are removable; patients may take them out when eating and for daily brushing and flossing of teeth. Depending on whether yours is a mild case of crooked or protruding teeth, or a more complicated problem of malocclusion, overbite or underbite, Invisalign may be an effective, affordable option for you.

If you or a family member is seeking quality care, schedule a consultation with our Hartsdale Invisalign dentist by calling us at (914) 365-7438 today. We can help you decide if the look and convenience of Invisalign treatment is the best, right choice for your unique smile and lifestyle.


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