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When you brush or floss your teeth, is it painful? Do your gums bleed? These could be signs that you have or are in the early stages of developing gum disease: gingivitis. While gum disease sounds scary—like anything else with the term disease in it—it is a problem that can be treated and sometimes reversed, usually with the regular upkeep of a solid oral health regimen, including check-ups and cleanings from your Hartsdale dentist. Although gingivitis is usually highly treatable, it’s important to know gingivitis is also progressive if left untreated.  If you’re experiencing bleeding when brushing or persistent bad breath, these are symptoms to pay attention to – sooner than later – and the best thing you can do is make a prompt visit to your caring dentist in Hartsdale at Guerrino Dentistry.


Dentist in Hartsdale

Placing an emphasis on the preventive and restorative care of your mouth, your highly skilled and experienced dentist in  Hartsdale  will examine the condition of your oral health. Gum disease is a well understood condition affecting many millions of people; at Guerrino Dentistry, they’ve got appropriate treatments for your particular condition down to a science. The plaque that builds up on your teeth and moves into your gums can build up and harden if not removed thoroughly; even an excellent regimen of regular brushing and flossing at home may not be enough. Once plaque begins to collect, gum tissue may likely become swollen and bleed. In addition to providing you with a thorough professional dental cleaning, your dentist in Hartsdale will make sure that you’re using the proper technique for brushing and flossing at home, so you can do your part to prevent progressive gum disease down the line.

Scheduling regular check-ups and teeth cleanings are essential components of establishing and maintaining good oral health. Your dentist in Hartsdale can monitor your care and supplement your oral hygiene regimen as needed with fluoride treatment and dental sealants—both of which help guard your teeth from the effects of plaque build-up. If the plaque has progressed a bit more, your highly skilled Hartsdale dentist can provide deep cleaning treatments to help get your oral health back on track—and stay on track. So if you’re experiencing soreness in your gums or persistent bad breath, call the experts at Guerrino Dentistry for a check-up today.

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